The EDRON Academy

Community links

hfAs part of its mission, the School looks to educate and encourage its students to help contribute to local and global society.
Nowadays, the Edron Academy works closely with Hogar y Futuro. Hogar y Futuro is a private non-profit organization that fosters newborn children up to six years old. Regularly, the School carries out in-kind donations to help out this institution located in the town of San Bartolo Ameyalco.

The school also contributes with Vida Plena, an institution that helps old people by providing occupational therapy, meals and
transportation. Furthermore, as part of the CAS Program, students are involved in activities that encourage social responsibility.
For the academic year 2014-2015, the Edron will be leading the IB America's Inter CAS Community Project which consists on
building houses in the state of Puebla.