The EDRON Academy


verdeThe School is committed to the protection and improvement of the environment. This standpoint has prompted the School to set up ecological practices on the premises, and to obtain the Green School certification awarded by the SEMARNAT (The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico). This certificate recognizes the efforts made by the Edron Academy in benefiting of the environment.

Some of these efforts have been:

  • Solar panels were installed. They generate 20% of the school's average energy.
  • The electric installation was changed, generating savings of 21,55 t of CO2
  • Light bulbs have been replaced by LEDS.
  • From 2013 we have had an average saving of 37% in the cost of electricity.
  • From 2012 we have had an average saving of 14% in the cost of water.

Furthermore, the Edron Academy chairs the San Angel River Committee, taking action to protect the river.

We share with you the minutes of the first Eco Committee reunion:

Minutes, Eco Committe.

- Presentation