The EDRON Academy

Key Stage One


A smooth transition from the early learning goals of the EYFS introduces the Year 1 students (5-6 years old) to the English National Curriculum (ENC) through a series of topic-based units. The Key Stage One (KS1) curriculum is taught using a child-centred, cross-curricular approach to education, which makes links between different academic subjects and deepens the children's understanding by providing greater opportunities to enhance their learning.

The Edron Kinder recognises the importance of teaching English and Mathematics, which are each studied every day, both as discrete subjects and as tools to support learning across the whole curriculum. Science, History and Geography are taught using a selection of topics or themes which will stimulate the children's interest. The time devoted to each subject in any given week depends upon the focus of the topic, but the structure of the National Curriculum ensures that there is a clear progression of key skills and breadth of study in knowledge and understanding across the Key Stage.


Information Communication Technology (ICT), Art and Design Technology are integrated into the themes to further enhance cross-curricular learning, whilst still allowing for the discrete teaching of key skills where necessary. Personal, Social and Health Education is also taught by the class teacher.
However, in KS1 there is an increased amount of specialist teaching; in Spanish, Music and P.E. The children are also given home learning tasks in this age phase, which largely consists of taking home their reading books and practising their phonics or spellings.