The EDRON Academy

Early Years

Children between 1.5 and 3 years old join Early Years. There is a maximum of twenty two children in each room.
Each room in the Early Years Unit has a lead teacher, key persons and a nanny. Every child is assigned a key person.
A key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with their parents.


You will be invited to visit us with your child before your child's first day. This will help you and your child become familiar with the setting and the staff. Some children settle very quickly, others may take a little longer and we are guided in our procedures entirely by the response of each child.

Here are some suggestions to help your child to settle into Early Years
Talk with your child about going to school, the exciting things he or she will be able to do, and that it will be lots of fun for him or her to meet other children.
Your Child's First Day – On the first day you are welcome to stay in the room with your child for a short while (approximately 10 -15 minutes) to have a play together and settle him or her. After this time, please say goodbye to your child and let him or her know you will be back soon. It is very important to leave once you have said goodbye so that your child begins to get used to the routine. Also, please don't sneak out without saying goodbye – it is very hard for the children when they realise later that you have gone.

  • Tears – All of the children react differently when you leave. Some children wave goodbye, others cry as you say goodbye and / or during the morning, and some cry when you come back to pick them up. If your child does cry, we will look after him or her. We have had lots of practice! The first two to three weeks are generally the hardest and after that time most children are used to the routine and know someone will be back to collect them soon.
  • A Staggered Start – If your child starts at the beginning of the school year we have a staggered start. This involves small groups of children starting each day. This gives the teacher and the children an opportunity to get to know each other during their first week.