The EDRON Academy


There are four mixed ability classes in Reception. Our small class sizes enable us to give each child the individual attention he or she needs. Each class has a qualified and experienced teacher and a qualified and experienced Teaching and Learning Assistant.
The Reception Year at Kinder is part of the Foundation Stage of Education and follows on from Nursery in providing an environment that enables children to reach their full potential whilst developing at their own pace. The four classes in this year group continue to promote positive attitudes and build upon what the children already know and understand. Our aim is to equip the children with the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will allow them to progress into the next stage of education as confident and self-motivated learners.
Above all, learning continues to be fun and is tailored to the children's needs and interests.

The Classrooms

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The Reception classrooms are organised into specific areas for learning, including a comfortable book area, a construction area, a role-play area and a creative area. Wherever possible, resources are stored in a way that will give easy access to the children and equipment is clearly labelled.
Classroom routines are established early in the first term. The children have a variety of learning experiences to develop their knowledge and understanding in the seven areas of learning including whole class instruction, small group work, and child initiated learning. The children's current interests are observed and recorded and link into the teaching team´s planning.

Children are taught to read using the phonic approach. Parent workshops are held throughout the school year to introduce our approach to the teaching of reading and also to enable parents to help their children in this key area. Children will take home a range of reading books from our reading programme to develop their reading comprehension and reading strategies.