The EDRON Academy

Year 1

Year 1 is the first year of Key Stage One. The children begin to follow the National Curriculum of England. The children then continue to follow the KS1 curriculum in Year 2, thus providing for a smooth transition to the primary school.

The Curriculum


The Year One curriculum is broad and balanced and is modelled on the National Curriculum for England. All curriculum areas, including the core subjects of English and Maths are taught through an active approach, as we recognise the importance of activity and play-based learning.

In Year One children are taught, English, Maths, Spanish, Music and PE as discreet subjects. In addition there are several Integrated Curriculum topics throughout the year through which Humanities, Art and Design and Cultural Studies are taught. Science will be taught either as a discreet subject or during Integrated Curriculum time, depending on the topic each term. Valuable cross-curricular links will be made where possible to enhance children's learning.

The Classes
There are four mixed ability classes in Year 1. The maximum class size is 18. Each class has a qualified and experienced teacher and a qualified and experienced teaching and learning assistant. All the Year One class teachers are native English speakers and the teaching and learning assistants are bilingual.

The Classrooms


Our Year 1 classrooms are well equipped and displays reflect and celebrate the children's work. They are bright and colourful and are designed to encourage reading, observation and discussion.