The EDRON Academy




Our objective throughout Primary is to educate our pupils to be independent thinkers: creative and analytical in their approach to problems and self-motivated and responsible in their study habits.

We provide the children with a sound working knowledge of language and numeracy, with an emphasis on understanding concepts rather than memorising, and on applying previously acquired knowledge to new situations.

Children are encouraged to question and evaluate, to develop the skills of independent learning through investigation and the ability to work collaboratively in groups. Attention is paid to each child's personal and academic progress in order to ensure that he achieve his full potential.

Through implementation of the school values programme children acquire social awareness and learn the importance of respecting others and becoming responsible members of the community.

We encourage all pupils to contribute actively in taking care of the school grounds and their immediate environment in order to develop an understanding of broader ecological issues.


In Primary we have consolidated the content of the UK National Curriculum with the Mexican education programmes to create a bicultural curriculum which ensures continuity and progression from year to year and optimum use of curriculum time in all areas.

Cross-curricular links have been made where possible, for example between art and the humanities, IT and maths, science and design and technology, and literacy with other subjects. Programmes of work, explaining the topics and objectives for each year, are presented to parents at the open evenings.

Our programme of day visits and camps gives the children the opportunity for social and academic learning away from the classroom. The opportunity for fieldwork and practical tasks allows children to develop a curiosity about their environment as well as teaching them to become more observant and thoughtful.


The school has a bicultural agreement with the Mexican Education Secretariat (SEP) which allows us to teach all core subjects in English following the UK National Curriculum. Spanish language and the Mexican programmes of study for geography and history are taught by Mexican teachers.


All members of our staff are fully qualified and experienced and we are officially registered and incorporated with the Mexican education authorities.

The Primary school begins in Year 2 (first grade in the Mexican system) and ends in Year 6 (fifth grade). Pupils receive the Mexican Primary certificate at the end of this year 7 (sixth grade).

The school policy on class size is a maximum of 24 pupils per group. This enables us to identify and respond to a variety of learning styles and provide differentiated activities according to individual and group necessities.

We encourage active collaboration between home and school and there is regular contact with parents at open evenings, parent conference days and meetings, as well as through written reports.


A variety of events takes place throughout the year to support and enhance the academic programmes.

We give special importance to reading and have a reading week and book fair each year.

Extra-curricular clubs held after school include chess, science, singing, crafts, dance, tae-kwon-do, drama and cookery.

There are several whole-school events such as the Christmas concert, art exhibition, sports day, the November Fayre and the Earth Fair. Children also share their learning and achievements at assemblies and presentations of projects.