The EDRON Academy


Primary student


At the Edron Primary School, we build upon the solid foundations laid in Kinder. Students complete Key Stage 1 in Year 2, and follow Key Stage 2 from Year 3 until Year 6. During this time, students develop their skills, confidence, creativity and knowledge of the world. Literacy, Mathematics, Science, IT, Art, Geography, History, PE and PSHE are taught by highly qualified, English-speaking teachers in lessons based upon the National Curriculum of England. Our curriculum is organised to meet our students' needs, to inspire curiosity about the world and to reflect our unique position here in Mexico. Lessons are planned with cross curricula links and are taught as part of a topic framework in order to enrich learning. As part of this enrichment, students develop their IT skills, both through the IT curriculum and through the appropriate use of IT in other subjects. At Edron, we are proud of our status as a bi-cultural school and follow the Mexican Government's requirements for Civismo, Español, Geografía and Historia. These subjects are taught by highly qualified, Spanish-speaking classroom teachers. In addition, we offer a wide range of extra curricula activities. Special events and outings educate our children as citizens of a wider community and encourage them to develop lifelong interests.
Edron is an academically selective school. However, we recognize that some pupils will require extra support at certain stages during their education. We believe that if needs are identified as early as possible, support can minimize the occurrence of learning difficulties later on. Addressing individual learning needs is the key to unlocking future success.
Parental support is highly valued at Edron. Parents are our partners and are actively encouraged to support and cooperate with the school in order to address their child's educational needs. Cross phase initiatives are in place to smooth the transition from Kinder to Primary, and onwards to the Secondary School. Our curriculum is routinely monitored, to ensure continuity and progression of learning, and to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained.