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Welcome to EDRON Primary

Welcome to the Primary section of the Edron Webpage. As Head of Primary I hope that you are able to use these pages to understand some of the wonderful work that takes place here at the school and learn a little about what a wonderful place Edron Primary is to study. We would also like to invite you to make an appointment to visit the school and discuss the educational opportunities which may be available for your child.
Using the School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Honesty, Positive Attitude and Trust we aim to ensure that our students are confident, self-assured, and respectful, demonstrating a love of learning that ensures that they always work hard and enjoy the challenge of new studies. It is also our aim that students feel secure and valued by all members of the school community and this is achieved through a holistic approach that develops the whole child and not purely focusing on academic achievements.

The Structure Of The Primary School

Age of Student National Curriculum Year Group SEP Grade Key Stage Edron Primary Phase
6 – 7 Years Two 1 KS 1 Lower Primary
7 – 8 Years Three 2 KS 2 Lower Primary
8 – 9 Years Four 3 KS 2 Lower Primary
9 – 10 Years Five 4 KS 2 Upper Primary
10 – 11 Years Six 5 KS 2 Upper Primary


Each year group is three form entry with a maximum class size of twenty four students. Each class has both an English and Spanish speaking teacher.
As a bicultural school the children work with both the Mexican SEP curriculum and the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The teachers have worked hard to ensure that, where possible similar areas of the curriculum in both languages are taught at the same time. This leads to better language acquisition for the students.
The children are taught using a cross-curricular approach which means that English skills are taught through other topics such as ´Ancient Civilisations´ or ´Inventors´. This method immerses the children within a topic generating a great deal of enthusiasm and providing opportunities for writing, mathematics and other subjects.

Many students, at one time or another, require additional support either academically or emotionally. Our Additional Needs Support team is there to offer support when needed and they work closely with the class teachers to provide the best possible provision for each individual student.

Special Events

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Throughout the year the children enjoy a range of events and special activities to enhance their learning. Manañita Mexicana for Mexican Independence Day, Reading Week and Book Character Day, camps, daytrips and Celebrating British Patron Saints Days and Sports Day to name but a few. We encourage the children to be active participants in all events as they enrich their educational experiences.


In the Primary School the British tradition of a House System is in operation. Each child is placed in a House (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) for which they can earn House Points which are added to both their individual and House Total. Individually they are aiming to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Status whilst as a House, they are aiming for the Yearly Winner´s Party.

Head of Primary