The EDRON Academy

Edron Art and Design Department


art1The Art Department Team consists of two well qualified Art Teachers, with between them with almost 30 years' teaching experience, Sharon Moore and Adrian Tissington. We also have a full time assistant, Alberto Lopez, who also has a wealth of experience.
The department is well equipped, including two ceramic kilns a Litho printing press and access to a set of Apple Macs and Ipads. We constantly strive to improve the equipment and materials to give students the best possible Art experience.
The Art Department is a passionate team of professionals, who love their subject and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience's with all their students.
Teaching and learning is paramount to the experience a student gains in the safe and secure environment of the Art and Design areas. The team ensures that each student has the opportunity to achieve their creative potential and develop an understanding of the artistic world around them.
Art is the bases for all visual elements of daily life. A person who chooses to buy a new product, who not only looks at the aesthetics, but also for the object to be fit for their purpose and environment, is a person who has been taught to look with an artistic eye. We aim as a team to help the students to make these choices.
Often the biggest hurdle to a student's progression in Art is their confidence. Not everyone can become a great artist, but we work extensively to make Edron Students confident artists, proud of the work they produce both in two dimensions and three.

Each year follows a progression, building on the experiences of the previous year

In Year 7, we teach the students a lot of the basic skills and elements of Art and Design, using an extensive range of materials and processes. We look at the extensive colour pallet, mark making and the human face and for the final project in year 7 the students have fun exploring the properties of Ceramics With in all projects there are elements of cultural, historical and artists reference. Students need to bring to class, 2B and 4B pencils. Other materials students' need, are provided by the department.
In Year 8, students are progressing and experiencing new media, technique and materials with growing knowledge and understanding of the many ways art can be produced. Making links to prior learning and extending their understanding of the world of art and design around them. Students start to develop how different elements come together to form projects that are working towards the IGCSE standards and assessments. Students need to bring to class a 2B and 4B pencil.
In year 9 Students are now beginning to refine their skills. The students will explore the human form and drawing in perspective, as in year 8 students will be constantly make links to prior learning and extending their understanding of the world of art and design around them. Students need to bring to class a 2B and a 4B pencil.
From the beginning of their Secondary School art experience, in year 7, students are following the format of the IGCSE but without the emphasis on completing the process to a full coursework project. The Art Department embraces curricular links with other departments.
Currently in year 10, students follow the IGCSE in Fine Art. Completing 2 coursework projects, students explore and build upon a wide range of media and techniques. These are used to inform the students of what is expected in year 11, whilst constantly improving their skills and understanding.
In year 11, students create in 15 weeks the final project that is sent to the examination board. The final piece of the project completed under exam conditions in the November Mocks. In the January of the final year students will receive the question paper for the examination. Students have around 10 weeks to complete the exploration and planning element of the course that culminates in a set time to produce their final piece under examination conditions.

Year 12 and 13 IB Visual Arts

This is a progression from the IGCSE. Students will study for 18 months completing 12 final pieces with accompanying sketchbooks. This culminates in an art exhibition, celebrating their achievements and a presentation which is sent to the exam board. This course is a spring board to careers that require an Art and Design education. The course also equips the student with a full range of experiences, which are essential to following a degree course in any field they chose.
All students are given the opportunity to enhance their Art and Design skills through a number of extra-curricular activities, that are coordinated around the calendar, embraced by the Edron Community, such as; Day of the Dead, The Christmas Concerts, The School Production, to name a few.