The EDRON Academy

The EDRON French Department

french1The French Department consists of two full-time experienced and enthusiastic

French teachers

• Susan Wirth, Head of French, has worked in the school for many years and has seen many pupils succeed in their international exams and go on to further their studies in French after leaving the Edron Academy.
• Alistair Pearson, Teacher of French, is now in his fourth year at the Edron and has very successfully presented pupils for both the IGCSE and IB French exams.
We have two dedicated classrooms, one with an interactive whiteboard, and the department has access to computers in the ICT suites. French is a popular option amongst our pupils and our results are consistently high.

The French department's main aim is:
• to equip pupils for the modern world; a world of easy travel, mobility and direct communication.

In working towards this aim, we will:
• equip pupils with the skills needed to understand information presented in French
• develop pupils' confidence in their ability to make themselves understood in French
• nurture enquiring minds and provide pupils with opportunities to apply their knowledge to new situations and encourage pupils to draw comparisons between Mexican and French culture.

During Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), French is compulsory for all pupils. Each pupil has their own copy of the Expo text book appropriate to their year. During Key Stage 3, the pupils receive a solid grounding in basic grammar and the language required to describe, and give opinions about, the world in which they live.

French is a popular option for Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) during which time they follow the IGCSE French as a Foreign Language course. This culminates in examinations in the 4 language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

During Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13), the department offers two courses:
• IB French Language B is a course designed for pupils who have completed the IGCSE course. The pupils following this course gain the skills required to analyse more sophisticated language from a variety of authentic sources and learn how to communicate orally and in the written form using the style and register appropriate to a variety of contexts.
• IB French AB is a course designed for pupils who have had little or no previous exposure to French language or culture. Through themes and topics, the students have opportunities to practise and explore the language as well as to develop intercultural understanding. Through the development of receptive, productive and interactive skills, students should be able to respond and interact appropriately in a defined range of everyday situations.

Each year, in the summer term, we hold a French presentation and breakfast event where all French students perform for their parents in French and then join together for a traditional French breakfast.