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The EDRON Science Department


science1The Science department is a fully staffed, successful department with a range of experienced teachers both from and outside of Mexico. We aim to provide interesting, fun filled lessons that are inclusive of all abilities and learning styles to, meet the needs of all Edron students.


Meera Parmar – Head of Science, teacher of Biology
Robert Tolput – Deputy Head of Science, teacher of Physics
Phil Davison – Teacher of Chemistry
Mike Smith – Teacher of Chemistry and Environmental Systems and Societies
Hannah Braford – Teacher of Biology
Kristofor Sherdley – Teacher of Biology
Fernando Jimenez – Teacher of Quimica, part time technician
Tomas Valencia – Full time technician

Years 7, 8 and 9

Year 7 SEP - books/investigations 30%, homework 30%, tests 30%
Year 8 SEP - books/investigations 30%, homework 30%, tests 30%
Year 9 SEP - books/investigations 25%, homework 25%, tests 50%
In Year 7, 8 and 9 the students are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics under the umbrella of Science. These years and spent building strong solid foundation knowledge of science, inquiry skills and practicing practical aspects of science. We encourage development of skills via various teaching and learning methods and are focused in using individual and peer learning to help in the learning of science.

Years 10 and 11 – IGCSE

Year 10 SEP – books/investigations 20%, homework 20%, tests 60%
At the end of Year 9 students are asked to choose the options they wish to study in science. Students have to take a minimum of two sciences, from Biology, Chemistry and Physics (these can be done in any combination). A handful of students decide to do all three sciences. It is important to state that the students need to have studied the science at IGCSE to be able to study it at IB.
All exams are sat at the end of Year 11 (though internal testing occurs throughout both Year 10 and 11). This year we are planning on changing from traditional coursework to an exam that covers practical skills.

Years 12 and 13 – IB

We are very proud to say that we offer one of the widest range of group 4 IB subjects in Mexico City. These include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Society, Sports Science, Quimica and from next year Information Technology will also be a part of group 4.
In our IB lessons we strive to inspire our students to become passionate scientists. We aim to teach our students how to apply science both inside and outside the classroom, to everyday life and to be reflective of the environmental, ethical, moral and social implications of science in the field.
We encourage students to think outside of the box. Here at the Edron we run many trips to help with this. The Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies students have in the past been to Valle de Bravo to study aspects of ecology that cannot be accessed in the classroom and the Chemistry and Quimica students to go breweries and pharmaceutical plants.
The success of the IB science at the Edron are noted by the 100% pass rate last year and that many of our students have continued to study science in their higher education, both within and outside of Mexico.

Science Week

For the past two years we have run a very successful science week. The week, normally held in May, involves various activities. Firstly all year groups are taken out on trips, as follows:
Year 7 – Xochilloico ecological reserve.
Year 8 – Papallotte Science Musuem, Chaplultepec.
Year 9 – Chapultepec Zoo.
Years 10 and 12 – Universum at UNAM.
Further to this, Year 7 and 8 students thrive in the opportunity to teach science to primary school students. Year 9 are given a science fare project in which within a month they are to conduct and experiment and show their findings in a fare that is open to parents and judged by non scientists in the school.
The Science staff also spend this week going over to the Kinder school with specialist equipment to introduce a different aspect of science to the kinder students.
This year we are looking forward to working with Miss Sarah Milles (Primary Science co coordinator) and Mr Daniel Brookman in Kinder, to build and establish strong transition bonds between the three schools.

For any further inquiries or questions please email me on

Meera Parmar
Head of Science Edron Academy