The EDRON Academy

Global Perspectives

globlpThe IGCSE Global Perspectives team consists of three members:

  • Tom Agass – Head of Department
  • Silvia Ramirez
  • Manpreet Dhamrait

IGCSE Global Perspectives is a course aimed at encouraging students to have an international outlook developing critical thinking skills. As part of our mission statement at the school we aim to create global citizens and Leaders and Global Perspectives allows our students to research and analyse different global issues where there is always more than one point of view. The course is designed to help support the students at IB when they undertake Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, as well as offering support to other subjects by developing important skills such as research, analysis and evaluative skills.

Year 10

Students will complete three Individual Research Projects in year 10 exploring three different global Issues. The coursework makes up 40% of the students final IGCSE grade and allows the students to analyse issues that they are interested in, exploring different perspectives and creating solutions to the problem.

Year 11

Students will work on a group project that is worth 30% of their final IGCSE grade. The students will work in groups to analyse a global issue before designing and implementing a project outcome. This could be to raise money for a charity, an environmental project or even the creation of a pod cast or video to raise awareness of a global problem. The students will finally sit one exam at the end of the year also worth 30% of their final IGCSE grade, assessing the skills that they have developed over the two year course.

For more information please contact the Head of Department.