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Physical Education

Physical Education


The aim of the physical Education curriculum here at the Edron is to develop learners and not performers. We aim empower our students to be masters or their own physical development and well-being.

Our curriculum responds effectively to the needs of our students, offering team-based activities taught via British and world games that emphasize critical reflection and develop effective inter-personal and self-motivational skills.

We achieve this through a teaching and learning framework which aims to develop the following aspects:

Active lives

  • A lifelong appreciation and understanding of the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • The motivation to participate fully in all aspects of physical education attain their optimal level of physical fitness
  • The knowledge to plan, prepare, monitor and evaluate exercise and training in the short and long term.

Building success

  • Effective communication strategies (verbal, non-verbal and written) to ensure the effective progress and participation of all.
  • Experience of different roles within games and activities to not only demonstrate knowledge of rules or game-play and most importantly to take risks and develop inter-personal skills and values.

Critical Reflection

  • The ability to reflect critically on all aspects of physical education. This includes evaluating performances of teams and individuals in relation to skills, strategies and tactics and suggesting effective methods of improvement.

Developing skills

  • The skills and understanding necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities, most importantly; practicing, refining, adapting, interacting and performing.

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