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We want to congratulate the winners of the writing competition! Well done!

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resultsIBIn the examinations session in May 2015, there were 3018 Diploma candidates in Mexico of which 61 were from the Edron Academy.  All our 56 passing students qualified with a bi-lingual diploma. This is very impressive as only 28% of all diploma candidates in the world received a bi-lingual diploma.

The overall pass rate at the Edron was 92% and this compares very favourably with the world average rate which is 79%
The Edron Academy points per candidate average was 32 which again put us ahead of the World average points per candidate average which was 30.1.

Our top award was an impressive 43/45.

100% of our Diploma students will be attending University within the next year either here in Mexico or abroad.
31% of our students are attending University overseas and are at the following schools:

  • The London School of Economics
  • King’s College
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • Central St. Martins
  • Stanford
  • Columbia
  • Parsons
  • NYU
  • Rollins
  • Boston
  • University of British Colombia
  • University of Toronto

Two of our students, were awarded scholarships of excellence at the ITAM and the IBERO.  


Reforma newspaper published an article about the outstanding performance of the Senior Debate Team during the COBIS Debate Competition that took place in Bucharest.
As winners, the Edron will be hosting next year's competition in February!



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The Edron Academy (El Colegio Británico) 


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