The EDRON Academy

House and Pastoral Care System

The Secondary Pastoral Care - House System

Pastoral care is a very important aspect in our school and it is lead by tutors, the Heads of House and the Pastoral Deputy. Each house has a

Head of House, 8 groups and one tutor for each group; each tutor must strive to ensure the students`wellbeing and that all students are

reaching their full potential and their responsabilities are:

  • Be aware that good pastoral care will intrinsically include setting targets and be fully caring for the students well being.
  • Planning tutor period activities that include  a review of how the week has gone for the students,  it must be a time when the tutor group all come together and work towards/on somethingAlso be a time for solving all types of issues that might affect the group, or some members of the group. This also allows more contact time and integration between tutor groups. 
  • Foster a good relationships amongst tutees and make activities to promote this aim. 
  • Take opportunities to oversee the student’s academic and social development.
  • Help students set, review and reach academic and social targets that throughout the year students will have. Tutors should monitor students to use the reports reflection sheet. 
  • Support and assist students and the school in the process for selecting options for IGCSE subjects and IB subjects, as well as knowing preferred post IB destinations of tutees.
  • Take all opportunities to promote house activities and a sense of belonging.

Heads of House are responsible for the monitoring of students in their house and work very closely with tutors to ensure every student is working to their full potential and is happy and healthy within the school environment.

The whole Pastoral care system works under the guidance of Miss Alejandra May who is responsible for monitoring the House system and how it works, the progress of individual students in both academic and personal aspects. She works closely with the Additional Support Needs Team (formally ASN) to ensure students are getting the best possible care and help in and outside of school.