The EDRON Academy

Vertical Groups

Vertical Groups

What is vertical tutoring?

The system involves having a mixture of students from ALL year groups in one tutor group:

  • 3 year 7
  • 3 year 8
  • 3 year 9
  • 3 year 10
  • 3 year 11
  • 3 year 12
  • 3 year 13

Tutors are responsible for their tutor groups under the guidance of the relevant Head of House and Pastoral Head.

Vertical Tutoring intends to change schools into places where learning is centrally placed and where all those involved (students, staff, parents and the wider community) can contribute more equally to the learning support processes. It integrates the whole community of students rather than stifling them in whole year groups.

For students, vertical tutoring should provide massive leadership opportunities, mentoring support and citizenship development. The Edron has a House organisation (Year events/assemblies however, remain essential). By placing the tutor at the heart of the school and building better systems around them, everything evolves in better ways.

Leadership, almost by definition is best developed in the safety of mixed-age situations. Vertical groupings greatly enhance the development of leadership skills and awareness.

Vertical Tutoring encourages mixed age conversations which are hindered in the horizontal system. All voices are heard from a wide range of students across the school; this helps younger students to communicate more effectively with older students. Students integrate more and become more caring and responsible. It allows the younger students to see what life is like further up the school and allows the older students to behave more compassionately to the younger ones.