The EDRON Academy

Vertical Groups

Communication within the system

Tutor      →      Head of House     →     Pastoral Deputy      →     Head of Secondary

  • Miss Trisha Kumar (Head of Windows House)
  • Mr. Adrian Tissington (Head of Balmoral House)
  • Mr. Alistair Pearson (Head of Sandringham House)
  • Ms. Alejandra May (Secondary Pastoral Deputy Head)
  • Mrs. Marian Rossiter (Head of Secondary)

This should be the line of communication for any student needing referral based on a pastoral issue for both teachers and parents (behaviour, attitude, problems at home/school, bullying etc.)

As parents you now have a clear idea of who to go to and when and who is next in line if you need further support/advice/information on an issue.

Regular newsletters will be put on the school webpage to keep you updated of what students have been up to in their tutor groups.

We are positive that this worldwide, very successful approach to tutoring is the right way forward for the Edron.

If you have any questions please ask Miss Alejandra May and she will be happy to help.