The EDRON Academy

The Additional Support Needs Department

Special Educational Needs

The Additional Support Needs (ASN) Department assists students who have difficulties and require extra help to the normal environment, as well as students who are experiencing other difficulties in their lives at any particular learning context. Support is given from Kinder to Secondary in two main areas: learning (by learning therapists) and emotional (by psychologists). All of them can be offered inside or outside the classroom, individually or in small groups as appropriate. Learning Support is aimed at working with reading, writing and numeracy abilities and in Secondary also with thinking and organisation skills. Emotional area is focused mainly in caring the well-being and social development of students by providing counselling and social skills workshops.
Children with Additional Need Support can apply for admission and will be considered according to their individual needs.
The Department works closely with teachers, tutors, parents and external therapists to ensure a team approach to difficulties and to help students achieve their full potential.