The EDRON Academy

Our Heads

Our Head Teacher


The Edron Academy Head Teacher is an experienced international educator with over fifteen years' experience of working in an international environment. He completed his degree and teacher training at Homerton College, Cambridge University in Cambridge, England and has worked in the UK, the USA and the Netherlands before moving to Mexico in 2010. He completed his Master´s Degree in International School Leadership in 2008 and was delighted to receive the award with distinction.

In addition, he is also an Independent Schools Inspectorate inspector which entails being a team member for inspections at schools in various parts of the world. This enables him to see good practice in many areas and bring these ideas back to Edron to help with our continual process of improvement.

One of his priorities is to ensure that all Edron students receive a world class education that will provide solid foundations for their future whilst maintaining a commitment to, and an understanding of, the Edron values and history.

Our Head of Secondary

The Head of Secondary arrived in Mexico City in 2015. She has over 35  years' experience in education, 17 of them as a senior leader; teaching in such culturally diverse places as Germany, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and the UK.

She has a Master in Education Degree from the University of Nottingham and a Certificate in Education from the University of London, Institute of Education.
She strongly believes that the partnership between teachers, parents and students, who all have the same high expectations both in and out of the classroom, is one of the keys to a school’s success. It will also be her aim to ensure that all students feel safe, secure, supported and successful, socially and academically. She is passionate about building a learning community, where students are encouraged to reach their full potential with integrity, compassion and a smile. She wants to send young people out into the world as well balanced, self-confident, compassionate human beings who understand and appreciate the multi-cultural world in which we live.

Our Head of Primary and Kinder

The Lower School Head teacher was born in Norwich, England and obtained his first degree in Cardiff, Wales. He has been teaching since 1995 and has worked in London and the south east of England, where he worked with many children who were learning English as an additional language. He also worked in the north of England, and his PhD is from the school of Language, Literature and Linguistics at Newcastle University. He also worked at a British school in Cairo, Egypt, before relocating to Mexico City in 2013.