The EDRON Academy

Staff profile

Staff Profile

At present, we have an academic staff of 123 including teachers, assistants, and educational psychologists. The teachers are mainly British or have English as their first language and a large minority are Mexican staff who teach the Mexican curriculum.

We are proud of the quality of teachers at the Edron, all hold appropriate teaching qualifications, have an academic degree and have taught for at least two years.

Most of the staff appointed have, in fact, many more years of classroom experience. We employ staff who support the mission, vision and values of our school. They are excellent practitioners, have excellent references and will help the school continue to thrive. All our teachers are able to develop positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues and who are adaptable, sociable and have a good sense of humour.

We only employ staff after careful interview procedures and they are all professionals who have a serious commitment to our school and will stay for,at least, the two year contract. Indeed, the average stay for overseas staff is now 5-6 years.